Thursday, January 17, 2019

Verbs of Winter-- Printable Interactive Book (Repost)

Update:  My sister lives in Erie, PA, where the temperature is going down to 3 degrees this coming Monday with 25 MPH winds. Thinking of those very cold people up north,  I took a look at this book (that I had posted in 2014) and changed it to a pdf file, and used a different font.  Otherwise, it still looks appropriate for the kids and season.  It's great for many targets.

Enjoy (again!)  No snow here in NC, and the temps on Monday will go down to a balmy 19 degrees.
I won't need to trudge off to school, though.  #retired

2014 blog below

Happy Winter, Everyone!    I hope this post finds all of my school SLP buddies well-rested, and searching for materials to start off the new year!


I've made a new interactive book---Verbs of Winter.  This is posted (by me) on Tarheel Reader, and downloaded to Google Drive, with some icons added to make it a bit interactive.  This is a nice book for Verbs, Pronouns, Simple Sentences, and Literacy.

See for yourself and download for your class.

 Kids can use the icons to select the correct pronoun, and then use the pronoun and verb icons as a simple cue to produce a sentence to describe the pictures.  Each picture features a different verb.

The ending is a surprise, and will help to be a springboard for a discussion about seasons, bears, and hibernation.
Happy winter everyone!

Click here to download the book.
Print, laminate, velcro if you wish.

If you want more winter materials, go HERE



  1. Hello! This is a wonderful resource. You should consider marketing this (or sharing it, if you're feeling generous) with foreign language teachers --and ELL teachers too. This is exactly the level at which a first year foreign language student can communicate; and I could see French, Spanish, etc.teachers really appreciating your thematic books. The teachers would have to translate the words, of course, but having everything otherwise already prepared is huge. ~A.Martin (French teacher who happened to see this when an SLP Facebook friend shared it.)

    1. same book in Spanish


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