Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Can Dogs Do---translated into Indonesian

 I realize that only a small fraction of my readers would need an adapted book translated into Indonesian, but my daughter and I have started a little project to benefit some special kids we met in Bali.
As you may know, my daughter, Andorra, is in the Peace Corps in Java, Indonesia, and we visited this school when we were on vacation last July in Ubud, a town in Bali, also a part of Indonesia.  There seems to be no publicly funded special education in Indonesia, and this school relies on private donations.  Most children with special needs do not go to school.  Maybe most children with special needs in the world don't have access to a free education.  One small step at a time is how to change things.


When we visited, we loved everyone and the kids.  Andorra and I thought, though, that some adapted books in Indonesian would be useful to them, so here is a translation of "What Can Dogs Do? The school staff members are excited to have some books, and have sent a list of what they would like.  Dogs are all over the place in Bali, so I hope they print this and enjoy!


Click here to download the book.
Print, laminate, and make interactive--this picture is English, but do the same for Indonesian

Breakfast in Ubud

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