Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dress your Pets! Do Dogs Like Scarves? Free printable book and icons

When my girls were little, they loved to dress up the cat and Beanie Babies. (We never had a dog.)
I've discovered that lots of people like to do the same thing!   I'm not sure how the animals feel about it though--a quick check on Flickr showed a mixture of puppy enthusiasm, annoyance, anger, and controlled tolerance.  Here's a free book with icons to use with your kids.

Originally, since we are still in the throes of winter, I was just going to do a book on scarves.  I've added dogs to the mix with all of their feelings.  Here's an amusing, free printable.  A page of icons and sentence strips is at the end.  You can print all of this out, and have the kids match, answer questions, laugh, and predict how each dog is feeling about their scarf.  Bring in some scarves and have your students request, try them on, and describe themselves!  Scroll down here to get the download link.  

   The original book I created is on Tarheel Reader.  



The picture on the right is my personal favorite.

For a fun time with your students, go here
to print out this free book.
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