Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Very Busy Spider Companion Pack

    I felt very honored to be named as a top blog by someone I deeply respect.  Heidi Kay at PediaStaff has done so much for all of us who write and showcase our profession. Her blog is amazing, and one of my top resources.   So, Thank you, Heidi! 

I have made a deal with myself that I would alternate free items with items for a modest price.  Items for sale are generally packets which are a fair amount of work (like hours of thought and preparation). The newest item is perfect for spring or anytime actually, and is centered around The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle.  You will need to look around your school or library for a copy of the book, but the packet is 31 pages of fun.  This is designed for our more challenged students, and is perfect for SLP/EC collaboration.

Included in this is an interactive book I created based on the animals and the actions they want the spider to do. For example, the sheep in the Very Busy Spider book asked the spider if he wanted to "run in the meadow'.   My companion book has this page below which clearly illustrates "running in the meadow".

In case you are wondering where I got the images, has a wide selection of reportedly public domain clip art and images.
I study the images to make sure that there is no watermark or signature, and then use them if I'm 99% sure it's legit.  There's always a chance that the photographer could take down the image, but I do plan on checking from time to time.  The same thing happens on Tarheel Reader, so I've changed out some images from there lately.

Symbols in the pack are SmartySymbols (I bought a commercial license and it is worth every cent. They are great.)

Get the packet at the Teacher Pay Teacher link here. 

It's a modest price, and as always, if you are a starving CF, email me at, and I'll send it to you for no charge.

Here is a description of the contents:

12 page interactive book entitled ‘The Very Busy Animals’ with simple text and icons for matching. Animals and verbs match The Very Busy Spider book.

8 page step by step booklet for making a paper spider

Yes/No and Wh-questions (to go with spider making project)

Sequence worksheet for spider making project

“The Very Busy Spider” character manipulatives (You need your own copy of The Very Busy Spider)

What, and Where question comprehension worksheets (3 pages)

S is for Spider handwriting worksheet
Have a great Valentine's week!  I'm looking forward to the fun.  

P.S. At the end of the spider craft in the book, you can have the kids put down some yarn to make a web, and put the spiders in it.  The ones pictures here are different from the ones in the packet, but it's the same idea.

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