Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Very Lonely Seagull Interactive Book AND Yellow Fish, Yellow Fish Interactive Book

My lovely daughter, Vicki, is home from her bird banding job in American Samoa.  Not only is she a bird bander, but she is also a talented artist, and created a couple of darling seagull drawings for my new interactive book, "The Very Lonely Seagull".

At the end, the seagull meets a friend, and Vicki managed to make them both look very happy. 

I'm amazed by her talent.

I also recreated an interactive book I did earlier, with different photos (now public domain images) perfect for my more linguistically challenged kids.

It's all here in this 35 page pack--interactive books, comprehension questions, and Bingo---all about the beach.  Let's get ready for hot weather!   It's coming! 

Modest price, lots of bang for your buck. It's hard to beat three dollars.


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