Monday, June 22, 2015

"The Very Lonely Firefly"----Free visuals and sentence frame

If you are working this summer, you may want to pick up a copy of "The Very Lonely Firefly" and read it to the kids.

It's all about lights, a repetitive line, feelings of loneliness, fireworks, and a surprise at the end.  Your students will love it!   It fits in beautifully with the fireworks theme at this time of year.

I whipped up some free visuals to go with it.  These are made with Smarty Symbols.  You may download this set for use with this book, but do not use for other purposes.  The symbols are copyrighted.


 How is your summer going?  North Carolina has been a bit toasty.



  1. I love almost everything that Eric Carle does, but I don't use this book in my preschool program. Out here, west of the Rockies, we don't have fireflies. I never saw a single one until my 30s, when I was in Oklahoma for a conference one summer, and happened to be outside in the evening. I had to ask to be sure of what I was seeing. Everyone within earshot was confused - how could I *not* know what they were? They were baffled by the idea that fireflies just... *aren't* on the west coast.

    1. Ha ha, I never thought of where fireflies actually lived. You could still use this book though. I read books to kids about all different creatures such as lions and penguins that aren't found in our state.