Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cute Penguins and Verbs---Kids will love this! Free Printable Interactive Book

It's still winter, even in North Carolina!

Penguins have a cuteness factor, unmatched with most animals,  so I have made a free book for all of you out there in the trenches. 

  You need to download "What Can Penguins Do?".  It has real pictures, and you can print it out and turn it into an interactive book.  Go to town with it---get out your own kid's stuffed penguin and reenact this book! Have your students act it out. I have wonderful icons from Smarty Symbols to match with the photos in the book to make this interactive.

For higher level kids, print it out, but don't show the sentences to them. Have them write it or dictate what is happening.  Many possibilities exist with penguins!

 This book is available on Tarheel Reader (no icons, and  pictures are somewhat different). Tarheel Reader does have Text to Speech features, so read it there if that's what you need.

If you want the version to print out with icons to make it interactive, then go HERE.  Icons are created by Smarty Symbols.  Use them only for the purpose of making this book interactive. Symbols are copyrighted.


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  1. Thank you SO much! We are doing a unit on penguins this week and this is just what I was looking for!


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