Monday, January 2, 2017

Academic Skills or Social Skills---Sorting Activity and Game

Here's a product I have to offer:  A unit on social skills vs academic skills.

Some students I've taught really have no clue why they are in a social skills group; they really don't know what social skills are.  They confuse it with social studies. (Although some our current leaders in the social studies domain need more appropriate social skills, for the purposes of this unit, the two areas are separate.)
This product helps with students learning the difference between academics and social areas.

This is offered for a very modest price on Teachers Pay Teachers, and includes a sorting activity (four pages and headings for sorting 'academic skills' and 'social skills', a board game with 36 cards for students to determine what are 'academic' or 'social' skills, and a simple pre/post measure.

I have used this at school, and kids really like it and learn why they are coming to the group.

Here's the link!

(Some of you may have bought my old version.  If you bought it previously, send me an email at if you would like the updated version.)


Board Game!

A personal note:  I have 29 days until retirement from my current school system.  I'll still blog and post materials; perhaps even more with my more flexible schedule.  I'm not leaving speech; just leaving my job.


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