Monday, January 23, 2017

"Yaks Yak" Awesome Book for Teaching Multiple Meaning Words! Free Printable Visual Supports

I totally love children's books, and am always visiting our local public library to find new ones.  I look for clear language in a book, but the book also has to actually help to teach concepts, vocabulary, feelings, social skills, and myriad other goals that are part of a child's IEP. I was so excited when I found 'Yaks Yak, Animal Word Pairs', written by Linda Sue Park.  This is a wonderful book to introduce multiple meaning words.

The pictures are funny, there are only two or three words per page, definitions of the words are provided, and I think you and the kids will love it.  You can read about the book here at Amazon.
You can also view sample pages on their website.

Today is your lucky day.  I have made a set of visuals for you using Smarty Symbols to print, cut out, and have the students match to the pages in the book. I'm sure you will also take the time to discuss and demonstrate the meanings.  My students often need the added element of manipulatives to focus their attention, and to offer a visual representation for each word in the pair.  I admit that it was sometimes hard to find an adequate picture, but it's a good effort on my part.  (e.g. There is no picture symbol for 'craning a neck', so I went with a photo.) Smarty Symbols is an awesome set of clip art. I pay a subscription to share my materials with you.  Please use the clip art here only with this book, and don't reuse in another way as it is copyrighted by Smarty Symbols.

Personally, even though Amazon says this book is for ages 4-7, I would plan on using it with language impaired 3rd through 5th graders.  Some of the vocabulary would be difficult for the littler ones.


Retirement looms in 4 days!!!   With more time, and lots of ideas, I still plan on blogging.  I have many SLP friends and special education teacher friends who like my work.

It's Florida in two weeks, wine tonight, and just a few days left in my cinder block cubicle!


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