Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creature Riddle Book to download

 I like to use simple "What am I?" games and books with the kids.  It's an early type of inference question, and my kids really like it.  I have a few kids who can read words, and have no comprehension skills, so this is a nice way to teach them to look at each clue, put the clues together and you have the answer.  If a child needs help, you can create a simple visual answer word bank of the choices. I made an creature riddle book last spring and used it successfully,   I added a couple of pages for the students to draw their own animal, and then write or dictate their own riddle. I would have called this an 'animal riddle book', except I had a spider in it (I'm not sure is a spider is actually an animal---so this became a creature riddle collection!)  I don't want to confuse the kids!
Kids ultimately draw their own animal and write/dictate a riddle.

screenshot of the entire book--11 pages

Hope you enjoy it! I also have an animal riddle bingo game to upload and share in a future post.
 Link to Creature Riddle Book in Boardmaker

Link to Creature Riddle book in pdf


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