Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Counting Snowman Buttons---Low Tech and High Tech

Will it snow in Chapel Hill this winter?  The outlook seems dim.  The azaleas are blooming, onion grass is growing, and kids continue to wear shorts to school.

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Regardless of no snow here, I saw a cute snowman activity on a blog: Creating and Teaching.  The author has posted a free low-tech activity for counting buttons---10 snowmen are printed, and the number of buttons put on the snowman has to match the number on the hat.  Simple idea, but for many of my kids simple is good!

I thought this would make for a nice Smartboard activity to go along with the low tech idea above, so I created just that, and loaded it here----you can download for your classroom needs. Here are screenshots of my high tech version of Snowman Buttons.  The buttons, by the way, are set to 'infinite cloner' meaning they replicate when grabbed.  That way, a child could use all of one color if he or she wants.
Title page

Child drags choices of buttons over to snowman to match the number.

Reinforcing activity at the end.

Buttons are set to 'infinite cloner' --Smartboard users should know that term.
I think using both the high tech and low tech versions in the same classroom would be reinforcing for each other.

If a child has some language difficulties, a simple communication board can be made, or a device programmed for button colors, along with more functional words such as 'help', 'my turn', 'all done', and 'next page'.   For those of you who know how to edit an existing Smartboard activity, you can easily change the numbers on the hats.  I found the buttons pictures online using Google images, so different colors could be swapped out.   Have fun!!!  I know the class I work with will!

Please let it snow!   Soon!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this and leaving me a comment on my blog letting me know! I have a smartboard in my classroom and this is a perfect activity for my pre-k kiddos! :)

    Creating & Teaching