Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shamrocks Everywhere---a printable book

After a brief lull here, I'm getting back up to speed. 

So here is my latest very simple activity perfect for St. Patrick's Day.  It's totally a spinoff from a very popular blog entry that I wrote earlier about Valentine's Day; I just substituted shamrocks. With this booklet, there are icons to go with every page, plus a patterned sentence calling for a fill-in.  This is great for early literacy, vocabulary, speaking in simple sentences, and for the concept of 'on'.  If you want to extend this to articulations---'SH' comes to mind!  Images were created with Smarty Symbols for which I have a commercial license.

For a modest price, you can purchase this along with other St. Patrick's Day materials on Teachers Pay Teachers.

 Go here to see for yourself!

  I'm a big believer in Joint Action Routines---once you establish a routine with a child, you can change the activity a little, and give the child a chance to learn new vocabulary, but with the same routine.  This book is an example of that---earlier it was Hearts Everywhere, now it's shamrocks!   Have fun!



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