Monday, August 13, 2012

Apples----counting book, recipe, and other things to download

scrubbed kid
      I can feel the excitement building---the annual influx of freshly scrubbed kids, new teachers, new state/national standards, and back- to-back meetings await.  North Carolina is a little slow in starting school up thanks to a state legislature law stating that we can't start before August 25th. (The state decided that opening school earlier would detract from tourism to the beaches.)   The tension is rising, but hasn't reached a climax yet---two weeks to go!

title page

A few years ago, I found a book on Tarheel Reader about counting apples.  To be honest, when I did a search tonight on 'apples' on that website, I couldn't find the original book.  I did adapt the original book I found quite a bit, and added icons for the kids to match.  I also added a much loved applesauce recipe, and a few worksheets (math patterns and some other things). Most of the material here is mine, and  it's all free, so take a look.  Apples are nutritious, and a favorite theme in the fall! The link to download it all is at the end of this blog entry. 

icons to go with the book

I added a recipe for microwave applesauce.  The kids have loved this! 

 Apple themed math worksheet I created.
Fine motor type of activity to go with the book.

Click here to download the entire packet---"Counting Apples Book", "Applesauce Recipe" and a couple of assorted worksheets.  No charge, free, all for your kids to enjoy!

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  1. We have the same start rule for the same reason in Texas. Thanks for sharing this book!