Friday, September 28, 2012

Big Pumpkin----Great book, printable icons

My kids really like Halloween, so I start early.  We all need our fun, right?  This book, Big Pumpkin, by Erica Silverman, has everything from funny characters and plot, to repeatable lines, to a vivid setting.  In addition, there is a YouTube video that is the audiobook portion (no animation so you need the real book) for kids to follow along---the lines are sung in a catchy tune, with turn the page signals.

As usual, I've been a bit busy with Boardmaker (getting the original idea from Boardmaker Share) and have a few visuals to be used, and along with a bigger written word ("Drat") which is to be laminated and mounted on a stick.  This is a repeatable (short) line in the book. Kids can hold it up at key moments----in a group, the 'Drat holder' position is coveted and shared.

Concepts for teaching with this book are endless----
  • there's the whole story structure and grammar of it---characters, setting, problem, and solution are very clear in this book
  • Halloween vocabulary
  • character feelings---frustration, anger, happiness, pride
  • push vs pull  (One of my kids today was confused by this.)
  • sequencing events
  • on the vine, off the vine--simple position concepts
  • question comprehension
  • if we were actually allowed to cook, we could make pumpkin pies with the kids. (Alas, other kids in other schools can enjoy that!)  Following a recipe is a great way to learn how to sequence steps, and  a way to learn the language of directions in a functional context.
Book icons
YouTube audiobook recording

Click here to download icons in Boardmaker

Click here to download icons in pdf

The 'Drat' holder!!



  1. Looks like a good book to work on multiple goals while having a Halloween theme.

    Talking With Rebecca

  2. Cute cute cute. I just bought this book at Target. Thank you for sharing the icons to go with the story. The kids will love it :)

  3. This has always been a favorite. Fits perfectly with my goal of weekly retelling! Thank you for the icons.