Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spanish version of "Orange Pumpkin, What do you see?"

My new friend, Lindsey Leacox, has come through again, and has translated a popular Halloween book into Spanish.  Click here for the original English version of "Orange Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkin, What do you see?"    What I have here is the Spanish version (with English along with it).

 I did not write the original version of this book. I picked it off of Tarheel Reader, and the printed version, along with icons to match, has remained a big hit with my kids.   Now, thanks to Lindsey, our Spanish speaking kids can take it home to share with their parents!  I envision a large library of take-home adapted materials posted on this blog for our Spanish families of EC kids!  Developing literacy skills is crucial in both languages.

Click here 

to download the Spanish 

version of "Orange Pumpkin"

Here are some icons to go with the book.  Let me know would like these in Spanish too. It's easy to do (just not on a Sunday morning, as it is now).


  1. Hello! Would it be possible to have the icons in Spanish. This is a great book! Thank you for posting and sharing!

    1. It is possible but not by me. I no longer have access to Boardmaker since I retired.