Sunday, October 11, 2015

From Seed to Jack O'Lantern--printable interactive book free

Halloween is just around the corner!  Right now, I'm visiting Erie, Pennsylvania to be with family for the weekend.  Up here, fall is in the air--leaves are turning, the air feels chillier, and pumpkin stands are full!

Here is a book I published here last year.  I took it down, though, to change out some of the images for copyright purposes, so this is all legal now.  Here it is again!  You can use it in a science lesson, a lesson about sequencing, or just to show that jack o'lanterns came from seeds.  If you don't want to print it, you can show it on a laptop or smartboard.  Link is below.

This book is nice because I've also included icons to make the whole thing more interactive.
These are on the last page.  I usually print the book, and have kids match the icons to the picture after reading a page. This reinforces comprehension.

Click here to download book and interactive icons.

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  1. Thank you very much. The photographs will mean much more to my students than icons or images.