Monday, April 18, 2016

Two New Interactive Dinosaur Books

To all my friends out there in blogland, hello again!

We had an awesome spring break in Mexico.  I loved it for so many reasons--the people especially, and the different cultures. The week flew by!

 Now we are two weeks into the final quarter of the school year, and I'm recommitting to this blog.  I've found that my posts from a few years ago are antiquated, and I need to post new technology, new apps, and delete posts about things that are not even available.  I'm amazed at how fast technology changes. Be careful about app purchases, because the next generation of iPads may not support them.

I promise to post more free items in the near future, but for now, I'd like to show you two new interactive dinosaur books.  My wonderful, artistic daughter, Vicki, created some of the clip art for one of the books. I love facial expressions she rendered for the Stegosaurus mother and baby!

 These are two interactive books centered around a dinosaur theme. This pack meant for the more linguistically challenged students and is perfect for speech/special ed collaboration. This is nice for integrating literacy and language. You are purchasing two interactive books, with an assortment of visual supports for all. Most clipart by Smarty Symbols ©2016 and Kate Hadfield Designs. Bones font by The Cool School .

-“Looking for Mother Stegosaurus” clever interactive book with manipulative icons ( pages 3-14) Similar in plot to “Are You my Mother?” and is perfect for Mother's Day!
-Comprehension Questions for “Looking for Mother Stegosaurus” (page 15-17)
- Sequencing page for “Looking for Mother Stegosaurus”(page 18)
-“Whose Bones?” interactive book where the child matches the dinosaur with the dinosaur skeleton (Page 19-27)

This is very modestly priced. Your students will love these books and theme!
wonderful artwork by my daughter!

Click here to see this 2 dollar packet on TPT.

Enough of sales!   How is your spring going?

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