Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love all creatures---even daughters and snakes

This is a bit off topic from iPads and end-of grade-testing.  I was lounging around the house and noticed the cat staring intently out the window-----hissing.   This was extremely unusual and my first thought was "Oh, no! The bear is out there!"  See this link to learn more about that.
  I looked out closely and saw it was a different kind of creature, trying to go through the large glass picture window. I'm not one to pick up snakes, but I do admire them from a distance.  They are amazing creatures--I love the way they glide and slither along the ground, flick their tongues, hang off of limbs. I just couldn't touch it, but felt that it had to get off our patio.

  This is why I have a daughter---I yelled for her, she went outside, picked up the black snake and posed.  Then she carried it off to the bushes to give it a new place to explore.  The snake was happy, I was overjoyed to have pictures for this blog, the cat was relieved, and Andorra was proud of herself.  No fear in her eyes! Thanks!  

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