Friday, May 27, 2011

Be Creative

I never took pottery.  My kids, though, started in the first grade taking classes from Carmen Elliott, later with Hollie Taylor, and finally at UNC Asheville.  There are creations in many nooks and crannies throughout our house, and rather than keeping the family china in our china cabinet, we filled it with priceless pieces made by all of the kids. Who needs family china, anyway?  My kids' masterpieces are too precious to give up!  I think that allowing time for creativity really helps people flourish in other ways, and makes you a more well-rounded, happier person. 
My china cabinet

For this reason, I enrolled Alana in a short pottery class at the Carrboro Arts Center.  The instructor was a young man named Jason, and the class spent an hour and a half for five Friday afternoons learning about hand molding, coil pottery, wheel throwing, and glazing.  Alana said that the class was worthwhile and fun  .....and she wants to do another one!  All kids (and grownups) need times for creativity!  Maybe Alana will fill her own house with her art!

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