Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Object Test of Basic Concepts (printable; RtI friendly)

Don't you wish you had more criterion-referenced assessments for progress monitoring at your fingertips? Do you have limited funds to spend on such assessments?  Do you run out of time designing your own assessments?

Needed: small box, another box with open ends, airplane, paper, and little blocks-2 colors
screen shot of portion of the test.
Here is one tool that can be used to monitor growth in children in their mastery of such basic concepts ranging from simple prepositions, to words such as 'through', 'above', 'center', and 'right/left'.  The beauty of this tool is that it involves only very simple objects (which are pictured and easily found), and a test protocol with all of the directions that you read to the child. There are 36 concepts in all.  Some children make it through all of the items.  For some, I stop after the first page.

Generally, I administer this when the child is first seen in therapy.  I try to systematically teach these concepts then in therapy, and reassess later on.  We all love to see progress, and this can show it in with clarity, which is nice to talk about at IEP meetings or when you write progress reports.  For children in RtI, this can be used to develop classroom interventions to be implemented by everyone.

I thought I would mention here that I did not make this test.  A fellow Chapel Hill City Schools SLP, Jennifer Kirschner, shared this with everyone she works with (like me!).  She stated that many years ago, when she was a grad student, one of her practicum supervisors had a similar assessment, so Jennifer reworded it a bit and typed it up.  She has given me permission to share it. I'm not sure who the original author actually was, but this doesn't appear online anywhere, or in test catalogs.  Good news for you--you can have it free!  I don't think I'm breaking any copyright laws.

Click here to download The Object Test from Google docs



  1. awesome!!!!!! Like all your stuff, I've already printed it off and can't wait to use it!

  2. Just what I needed! Thanks for sharing :o)

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is perfect. Just did the PLS on one of my students. Know he needs more concept work - this will be a great help in further determining what we need to work on!

  4. Are there criterion scores for various ages?

    1. The person who developed this based it loosely on the old Boehm Test of Basic Concepts (not all of the concepts though) which does have some age level scores. Most of the kids I use this with initially miss most of the concepts, so this is used for progress monitoring, and not diagnosing language disorders.

  5. I would love an example of how you write a basic concepts IEP goal. Thank you so much for this great free download! Can't wait to use it!


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