Saturday, April 28, 2012

What can Chimps Do? latest in the 'verb' series!

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 My co-worker come into the office the other day telling me how much her preschoolers benefited from the book--What can Dogs Do?.  (I've also adapted What can Cats Do, and a Counting Horses book along the same verbs theme.)  My colleague and I discussed what other animals can demonstrate verbs, and we came up with monkeys or chimps.  Tarheel Reader didn't have a ready-made chimps and verbs book, but they have a very easy user interface for anyone to make a new book, so I did!  It's easy to search for photos to match what you want on their site, so here it is on Tarheel Reader. 
    I'm sure I'll be making more soon!

I also uploaded this book to Google docs, and added a page of icons (pictured on the left).  You can laminate the book and icons, and use velcro so the child can attach/unattach/move around/make choices.

Click here to download the book and icons.


  1. Thank you for this and all of the other wonderful books. My students love them!

  2. Thank you for these!!!

  3. By the way, a smiling chimp is scared, not happy. The smile in this book is called a "fear grimace" by primatologists.

  4. I have really enjoyed all of your books. Thanks for sharing as my students love your books!


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