Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can't decide about this lunch

This was today's lunch.  In all fairness to our lunch program, there are some positives here.  The long thing on a stick is actually a 'turkey corn dog', which is definitely better than the beef/pork/animal scraps version.  Only 14 grams of fat, and 700 mg of sodium if you check the stats on the lunch program website.  

The french fries (although baked, not fried) have empty calories as far as I'm concerned.  The fruit cocktail, although it is actually fruit, seems to be sweetened along with the chocolate milk. Maybe kids these days crave sugar so much that they only eat food if it's sweetened.....which is more of a reflection on society than the school system.

The child that owned this lunch ate everything but the corn dog.  I tried cutting it up for her, but tears welled up.  (She was nonverbal--one of my extra special kidos.)  Maybe she didn't like a slightly burnt corndog?  I couldn't tell.

What do you think about this lunch for your kids?

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