Monday, August 27, 2012

"Leaves Everywhere" ---printable book with icons

     Our first day of school was today for the 2012-13 school year!  It looks good so far!  I also just paid my ASHA convention registration fee---375 big ones!  Luckily my wonderful school system appears willing to reimburse; and I am really very fortunate to live in such an affluent area.  Not everyone is so lucky out there in public school land, and I know it.  In addition, I'm lucky that I can personally afford transportation, housing and food costs while in Atlanta--no thanks to my school salary; extreme thanks to my professional life being subsidized by my husband's corporate pension and stock dividends.  How does a new SLP go to an expensive convention while trying to pay off student loans and raise a family?  It's a big mystery!
convention cost-cutting

  I plan on going cheap, though; and as the 'rogue blogger', in a later post, I'll share with you how to cut costs while at the convention.

   For now, I'd like to share another printable book I made to go along with the fall theme.  It's very similar to my other books, and blandly entitled "Leaves Everywhere".  I think you will like it for its simplicity.
Links for free downloads are at the end of this post.

   This type of book is great for:
  • early literacy
  • pre-reading skills such as matching
  • vocabulary
  • sentence structure
  • prepositions on and under
  • articulation
  • commenting (it was pointed out that on some of the pages, there are comments by onlooking characters.  This hadn't occurred to me as I made them, but they present as nice teachable moments.)
Enjoy this free book.  Not much is free these days, but my things are!


icons and sentence strip


Click here for the Boardmaker version of Leaves Everywhere

Click here for the pdf version of Leaves Everywhere
Since Boardmaker is copyrighted, I'm converting my Boardmaker books to Smarty Symbols.
Smarty Symbols is a paid subscription, and I'm offering the Leaves Everywhere book on TPT at a modest price if you do not own the Boardmaker CD or subscription.



  1. This is great! You had me at repeated lines, prepositions, and fall :) Thank you!
    Let's Talk Speech Therapy

  2. Ruth,
    I wanted to let you know how much I truly appreciate you sharing all of your wonderful books! I work in a classroom for students with developmental and cognitive deficits and they love your books. Ants Everywhere was especially loved! So, THANK YOU!

  3. I love your stuff!! I'm going to download and use it soon!


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