Monday, August 6, 2012

Greenbrier River Trail in West Virginia

David and I are still on a road trip.  Now we are in Lewisburg WV which is a very cute small town with lots of touristy shops, antique stores and restaurants.  There are several of historical sites here, and we've enjoyed walking around looking at all of the old houses (some of them former log cabins).  Lewisburg is also close to the Greenbrier River Trail----a 78 mile rail to trail.  I love rail to trails! 
Obligatory geocaching--not too many here

Lily pads

One cool thing about this trail is the tunnel.
Short and unlit, kids would love it!

There is lots of private property, camps, farms, and fields bordering the trail with a variety of things to look at (from a distance).  The photo to the left shows a swinging bridge across the river.  I was dying to go on it, but resisted the urge since it was private. 

The trail is 78 miles long and goes through some of the most remote areas of West Virginia.  We saw few bikers----and biked 30 miles total over two days.  I highly recommend it!
Canadian geese

Another view of the trail

screenshot of our bnb description

We are staying at a very sweet bed and breakfast, by the way.  We found this place through the Air BnB website.    If you like meeting new people, and less expensive but cleaner places to stay, check out the website.  I've already reserved an AirBnB place in Atlanta for 50 dollars a night for the convention in November.
Our bike ride (both days) ended on a wet note!

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  1. This abandoned grade, converted to rail-trail traversing 30 bridges and two tunnels, Virginia Vacations