Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fall Leaves--printable book with icons

Fall is totally the best season in Chapel Hill.  After the sweltering heat and humidity of a central North Carolina summer, sleeping with the windows open is such a treat!  In school, the fall season allows for all kinds of little themes---leaves, Halloween, warmer clothing, acorns, apples.  We have fun!

The leaves haven't begun to change here, but I know my friends in the north will experience this event soon, so I found a Fall Leaves book on Tarheel Reader, uploaded it to my Google docs, and added icons. (The download link is at the end of this post) Obviously someone else created it, so she (Kim Munson) is credited in the title page.  It's a nice, simple little book---and can be used to kick off a nature walk science lesson!  Read this book with the kids, then take them outside.  Collect leaves, and then have a sorting activity!   When our leaves change here, we are gathering leaves and other assorted tree items!  (Hopefully your school actually has trees around it---if not, bring in a bag of leaves from home!)

title page screenshot

screenshot of a page

Click here to download the book and icons


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  1. This books looks brilliant. The photos are really god.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase.


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