Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orange Pumpkin Book--get ready for Halloween!

Last year, I mentioned this book---"Orange Pumpkin, What do you see?" here prior to describing a fun little lollipop ghost activity.  I didn't write the book---it's already posted HERE on Tarheel Reader.  Some anonymous SLP wrote it.  I wonder who she (or he) is?

     I downloaded and adapted this book a few years ago for our primary kids, and it has been a big hit.  You can go to Tarheel Reader yourself, or you can download the same book from my Google docs site.  The icons for adapting it are also available---for those of you who don't know about adapting books, I like to print out and laminate the pages including the icons.  The kids can match colors and item pictures to the book as it's read to them, or as they read it themselves.

Links for downloading are below.  Happy reading!


Click here to download the book, Orange Pumpkin

Click here to download the icons in pdf

Click here to download the icons in Boardmaker



  1. Oh my goodness!! I just found your amazing blog and saw my Tar Heel Reader book :). How funny to see it on your blog :) :) I love all of your fantastic ideas....I just finished re-creating your pumpkin carving lesson. Thanks for sharing your great lessons!

    1. This is too funny! Your book has been the all time favorite from Tarheel Reader. Even my nearly nonverbal children learn little sounds so they can read's amazing! Thank you for posting it, and for responding here. You need to put your name in as the author up on Tarheel Reader.

  2. Love it! We just finished Brown Bear, this will be a great follow up for October! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much!! I miss using boardmaker! :) I need to check out Tarheel Reader too!


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