Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rainbow Hats---printable book with icons (beginning unit on attributes)

I'm over Valentine's Day.  Our school system has outlawed cooking or handling food in class, so no Valentine's Toast, or Friendship Hearts for us!  In addition, there's a nutrition policy which is great, but makes traditional valentine junk food taboo!  I do have a few items posted which don't involve food, but my brain is empty of further ideas.  In addition, many of my children either have conflicting religious beliefs or are from other far away countries or refugee camps, so Valentine's Day is really not within their realm of existence.  Maybe it's really not functional for many of my children.  I can live with that---personally I don't acknowledge the day much in my house, so why all the hype?

I've moved on!   I've posted many books about prepositions, and a great many on verbs.  My next few postings will be attributes (adjectives), starting with simple---super simple.  The constant is the noun, and the attributes are colors.  I found a very funny hat book on Tarheel Reader.  The book is not my creation, and you can go here to view it online.  I did download it, and made Boardmaker icons if you would like the kids to match them. 
My goals for my EC class are to:
  • attend to the book
  • use the language of book reading (e.g. 'turn the page!' 'I see a ___' 'Cool!')
  • match the icons to the pictures
  • produce a two word utterance
  • have fun trying on and labeling the attributes of the hats I bring in! 
I'll be posting more about attributes, and getting more complex, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you like this, download the book, laminate it, download the icons, cut them up and laminate, and use velcro for assisting with the matching activity.  If you can't laminate or velcro (as in not having the resources), then kids can match without those.  I do that frequently.    Have fun!  Bring in hats from home!

 Download "Rainbow Hat Book" here.

Icons from SmartySymbol, google draw, and Pixabay are in this board which is the last page of the downloadable book.



  1. Great activity -- thank you so much!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. We're going to enjoy reading this book next week for real.

  2. Thanks for such a fun activity! I use your adapted books all the time with my speech students and we always laugh and have a great time! I appreciate your hard work and the fact that you share your awesome materials for free!


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