Monday, February 18, 2013

Dog's Colorful Day---free printables to go with this adorable book

Happy Presidents' Day!   I really think I can learn to enjoy 4 day work weeks.  No problem!

Ideas galore, but impractical at the moment
During my day off, I've discovered a new book I'd like to try with the kids but didn't have visuals for it. The book is Dog's Colorful Day, and is reviewed here on All4MyChild.

A quick search on the internet revealed myriad ideas for visuals---but a lot of the ideas called for flannel, or pompoms, or fabric in nine different colors.  Did I really want to drive to Joanne's Fabrics in Durham, and make 9 individual purchases?  It seemed both time consuming and expensive, so I've created my own using a scanner, a photo editor, and Boardmaker.

 First of all, let me say that this book is about an adorable puppy who adds one colorful spot at a time.  Key concepts are colors, counting 1-10, cause and effect, sequencing, and other things depending on the child. 

   I've scanned in the dog, added boardmaker icons for colors, numbers, the cause of the color, and clean/dirty.  Laminate the dog, cut out the color icons and laminate, add dots of velcro, and you have an instant manipulative activity to go with the book.  Use the other icons as boards to model counting, answering questions and commenting.  Whatever you want---just so you don't have to go shopping for materials!   Have fun!

Click here to download the icons and dog in Boardmaker

Click here to download the icons and dog in pdf

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