Monday, September 9, 2013

Las Hojas de Otoño--printable Spanish 'Fall Leaves' book and icons

Recently I received an email from a bilingual SLP who said she had translated some of my books into Spanish.  I really hadn't thought about providing these in other languages, but I do know that some of the Spanish-speaking kids I've worked with don't have adequate literacy materials at home.  I'd like to have a library of take-home adapted books in Spanish for those children, and any others out there from all over.

The dilemma is that I took two years of Spanish in high school, and have dabbled in it a bit online, but I'm not at all proficient even at the basic level.  My books in English are not high level, though, in terms of language, and Google Translate is a wonderful resource.  Once I've created a book, I have several friends who can check the grammar, and even better---I have all of my new blog friends who can send me corrections. 

Since it's fall (almost), I translated a book I had in English--"Fall Leaves"

Original version

I changed the grammar from the English slightly, so instead of using 'can be' on every page, in the Spanish version, I went with 'son (are)'.

Please let me know if you see glaring errors.  I also debated about the word for 'brown'. Apparently, there are several.

Spanish Version

These are the icons to make it more interactive.

This book would go along nicely with the traditional
fall theme.  Print it out, read it, send it home--have both English and Spanish side by side.  Possibilities abound!   If my readers like this, I'll translate some more of my things. It's actually a lot of fun to do!

Click here to download the Spanish version.


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  1. Thank you so much! We are learning Spanish at home and are always looking for books that put our vocabulary into practice.


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