Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stump Speeches at Morgan Creek

 My husband and neighbors organized a really cool "Meet the Mayoral and Town Council Candidates Forum" at our house, right in our front yard.  The candidates were a wonderful, dynamic group of people!

I've included links and names below.

 Mark Kleinschmidt---current mayor of Chapel Hill, and running unopposed for another term.

George Cianciolo--running for town council

Sally Greene--past two term council member and appointed to the current  town council.

 Ed Harrison--incumbent town council member
 Loren Hintz-- seeking his first term. 
 Gary Kahn--also seeking his first term
 Paul Neebe--seeking his first term on the town council.
    A Google search revealed this interesting article.
 Maria Palmer--familiar to many, seeks her first term.
 Jonathan Riehl--seeks his first term
Amy Ryan--seeks her first term on the town council

One candidate for Town Council, D.C Swinton, could not attend this forum due to prior committments.

I am not endorsing any one particular candidate here.  I just wanted to put names with faces, and appropriate links.  If there are any web pages or links that would be more suited to a candidate, please let me know in a comment, or email ( and I will change it.

I would like to thank all of the candidates who came to this, and the neighbors who attended and asked such thought provoking questions.  I would especially like to thank my husband, Dave, who spearheaded the whole production.

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