Sunday, December 1, 2013

Edublog nomination

I began my blogging saga about two years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed this new hobby. I never thought I could write, or that anyone would care to read what I put here.  I love sharing materials online, free with really no strings attached.   What I really really like though is meeting new friends, seeing how others cope with life's juggling act of home and work issues, and learning about other types of speech therapy jobs (or teaching or OT or whatever I read about).
From Super Power Speech

For this reason, I'm nominating Super Power Speech as my favorite individual blog.  CC chronicles her life, her work as a school-based speech pathologist, and her passions.  She shares materials, lesson plans, and ideas. She vents her frustrations about school and  writes about her husband's heartbreaking chronic illness. I look forward to every post, and sometimes meander over to TPT and purchase something valuable (she is the only seller I use).
    I feel that blogging for her is more than selling her products--it's also about developing a relationship....similar to the way a gifted author develops relationships with readers.  No other speech pathologist's blog is quite like hers, and I thank her for this!

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  1. I am sooo honored! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!


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