Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snowmen Everywhere! Free Printable for January

I have a kid on my caseload who really seems to be picking up literacy skills and vocabulary from these simple Boardmaker books, so this new one "Snowmen Everywhere" is dedicated to him!    When he waltzes into the school after break, I'll be ready, book in hand!   I print books such as this, and leave them in the classroom.  His wonderful teacher and assistants have been reading them to him, and then he has learned to read them back.   Expect more in the future!  I'm thrilled he likes them!

On a deep dark level, I guess snowmen are taking over the world.  I hope your kids don't go to this level.  Keep it light!  Print, laminate, velcro--have fun!  (Although I do have three different prepositions, I wouldn't make these the focus of your lesson.  I just couldn't write this with just one.)

icons and sentence strip

screenshot of the whole book

Click here to download the book in Boardmaker

Click here to download the book in pdf

Andorra chatting with her grandmother.

We had a great virtual chat on Christmas day with Andorra who is taking a little vacation from the Peace Corps for a week or two (and is now relaxing in Bali).

I have no simple words to describe how proud I am of my daughter.  She and other Peace Corps volunteers amaze me.  I was never so brave.

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  1. WOW! Peace Corps! That's amazing - you should be proud :)

    I found your blog from Autism Classroom News' list of Special Ed blogs to follow! As a special educator myself, I'm glad I did - I am your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles


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