Saturday, November 30, 2013

Candy Canes Everywhere--free printable

Simple is better; Repetition is good

This free printable book is in a format that will look familiar to many of you.  I plan on using this in my less advanced groups and individually.  You can too!  It also fits in with the holiday theme, with a touch of advice at the end.

  I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I'm blessed with plenty of everything and a great family.

Click here to download this book in Boardmaker.

Click here to download this book in pdf
icons and blue sentence strip

We had a special treat at Thanksgiving!  We chatted with Andorra who is in the Peace Corps in Indonesia, literally on the other side of the world.  This left me feeling full of gratitude for her and what she is trying to do, and for the wonders of the internet.  I miss her terribly, but virtual chats make her seem closer.

Google chat between Andorra and her grandmother


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