Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Busy Week for Dogs (Days of the Week in a fun way!)

My kids often need a bit of help understanding time, and the days of the week. It's sometimes hard for me to understand this difficulty---my week is so regimented in schedules, therapy sessions, meetings, and Google calendars that I not only know what day it is, I know it in 30 minute speech schedule increments. I know what days I don't work, and I know when holidays are.  I ask a kid what day it is though, and time is a mystery.

Here's a cute book I just made on Tarheel Reader, and have a link below for you to download and adapt. It's all about dogs and what they do on each day of the week.  It has a cute little ending---see if the kids can predict what that last little dog will do!  Have your kids sequence the icons---what happened first? second? last?  Match the icons to the days on an actual calendar.  See if they know what today actually is. Possibilities abound!


I got this idea from a book I've used with kids entitled 'Cookies Week'.  It's about a frisky cat---same pattern, very cute.

You can have the kids pose for pictures of what they do on different days of the week and publish a class book.  


Click here to download the book, free as usual.

If you have kept up with my bird banding daughter, she has arrived in Pago Pago, and enjoying herself. I need to stop worrying.

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