Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Pants on Ants' 'Go by Goat'---review of two fun books for phonological process remediation

When I went to ASHA a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a booth in the exhibit hall that had the cutest set of books I've seen for working with kids on phonological processes and language.  As I was talking to the author, Elizabeth Redhead Kriston (who is a speech pathologist), I let on that I blogged, and she kindly handed me four books to review!  I was thrilled!   Two of the books were for articulation (final consonant deletion, and initial consonant deletion) and the other two books were language, which I'll describe in a subsequent post.

I went to the website, cleverly called the Word Menders Series, and as I saw, the books are designed to target specific phonological processes while fostering language and literacy development.

flashcards from 'Pants on Ants'

 Each book is written around a set of minimal pairs that highlight a specific phonological process so children are provided with numerous opportunities to hear and practice the contrasts in a natural context. Flashcards are included with each book, and store in a pocket inside the back cover.

 I loved the illustrations---the ants in the pictures for "Pants on Ants" are quite funny.  This story (which targets initial consonant deletion) rhymes and has vivid imagery! 

  My favorite book, however, was "Go by Boat".  It's my favorite simply because I have a student who uses final consonant deletion, and the pictures and flashcards were perfect for him.  The plot centers around a little elephant who has invited her friends to a birthday party.  Some come by sea, some by train, some by goat.  Will they make it in time?  

 My little guy loved the story, and the flashcards were perfect for focusing his attention on what words to practice during reading. 

If you have children who are working on phonological processes, these books combine literacy, minimal pairs, and fun all in one package.  A good book should be read multiple times, so you can use these over repeated sessions.  

Disclaimer:  Although the books were provided free to me, I have no other affiliation with this company.  I love books, however, and these are reasonably priced, sturdy, and spot-on with integrating speech and literacy skills.  


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