Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ants Everywhere---translated to Indonesian; free and printable

Most of you will never need an adapted book in Indonesian, but if you have followed my posts, you may remember that I came upon a delightful school in Bali for children with disabilities. 


I offered to translate some of my things, with my daughter's help. She speaks Indonesian (and is currently in the Peace Corps in Indonesia).  She took this particular book to the high school where she teaches English, and after some debate over exact wording, this is a good effort.  If some of the words are not quite right, please let me know, and I'll change them.

The title of the book in English is "Ants Everywhere".  You can find the English version in pdf and boardmaker here.

If you want the Indonesian version in pdf, click here

These are screenshots of a few of the pages.
Use the icons to have the kids practicing matching, and also you can use the icons for them to practice naming the pictures.

Have fun!

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