Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snowman, Snowman, What do you See?

A while back, I posted an interactive Smartboard lesson entitled "Snowman, Snowman, What do you See?". It went with a book that another blogger had posted. She, unfortunately, has taken the book down, and so I made one of my own.

(C) Annie Lang
 Since I paid for the adorable graphics (only a few of the items are shown here, so if you like them, go here to this seller), I listed this book, along with a snowman poem and manipulatives at a very modest price on Teachers Pay Teachers. 
I also used this set of graphics. Those graphics were multicolored snowmen which could be used for many different materials.  That seller listed them as free! 

This book is meant to be interactive---cut out the manipulatives, laminate the pages, and use velcro.  The kids can find the shovel, hat, gloves, sled, hot chocolate, and other winter items.  Happy winter!

Another item included in this bundle are the manipulatives for a '5 Little Snowman' poem.
Count backwards from 5 as the snowmen fall off the sled.  Read about that here.

Then use the free smartboard lesson to reinforce their literacy and vocabulary skills.

I also created a very simple snowman colors Bingo game using some nice graphics from here.

Go here to purchase the interactive book, interactive poem, and the snowmen colors Bingo game. 

 It's a modest price, but if you are unable to afford it, send me an email, and I'll send you the link.
(  )  Like, let's say you are a graduate clinician in a practicum setting. Or let's say you are an SLP working in NC schools.  No questions asked--you can have everything I have.

Family update---Peace Corps daughter is on an amazing vacation in Flores, Indonesia.  Wish I were there!


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