Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Flying Snowball Over and Between---Check out this new book!

Happy New Year everyone!

I've had a nice vacation (except for the flu), and am looking forward to a few more days off.

Here's a free item for you---a book made with Boardmaker, and published in both Boardmaker and pdf. You can target simple sentence structure, prepositions, and simple winter vocabulary. The ending is funny, and features the concept of 'broken'.  The kids will like it. At the end, practice throwing homemade snowballs from rolls of socks!   Links to the book, and other pages of winter items are at the end of this blog post.

Click here to download this book in pdf

Click here to download this book in Boardmaker.

Click here to check out my other winter items on TPT, .   

 Go Here for a page of winter items.

Go Here for the 'Verbs of Winter' book.

At the end are icons for you to cut out for the kids to manipulate as they read it.  The blue ones are a sentence strip.


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