Friday, January 11, 2019

Valentine's Day Packet--Perfect for Speech/Special Ed collaboration

When I was working in the schools, Valentine's Day was one of my favorite times.  The day lends itself to fun, crafts, giving, thinking of friends, and hugs.

To help celebrate this time of year and keep the kids motivated, I've created a new 40 page packet.  It's perfect for speech and special education collaboration, consisting of two interactive books and a craftivity. Extension activities are provided, along with numerous visuals such as craft communication board, sequencing worksheet, and a core-36 board.  Photos are public domain from, while clip art is from Smarty Symbols (copyrighted). 

Here is the complete description:
This is a literacy/activity pack to go with a “Valentine’s Day” theme. This pack meant for the more linguistically challenged students and is perfect for speech/special education collaboration. This is nice for integrating literacy and language activities.  Clip art is from Smarty Symbols, and is copyrighted. 
Enclosed are:
“Verbs of Valentine’s Day” Interactive Book--pages 3-13
Icons for the “Verbs of Valentine’s Day” book– page 14
Extension suggestions for “Verbs of Valentine’s Day” -page 15
“How Many Hearts” interactive book–pages 16-27
Numbers for “How Many Hearts” –page 28
Icon/word bank to use when describing hearts in “How Many Hearts?” -page 29
“Make a Heart Man” craftivity pages 30-37
Communication board for “Make a Heart Man” -page 38
Sequencing worksheet for “Make a Heart Man” -page 39
Yes/no and wh-questions for “Make a Heart Man” -page 40

36 location core board to use with any appropriate activities -page 41

 I've been on a bit of a hiatus from creating materials lately, but an SLP party and 'yankee swap' prompted me to suddenly create this Valentine's Day packet.  I gave it out free to my Chapel Hill colleagues, and have posted it at a modest price on TPT.   If you are a starving CF, however, or are affected in a negative way by the unfortunate government shutdown (don't get me started on this, I'm a Democrat), email me at, and the product is yours. No questions asked.

You can find this product here on TPT.

Here's a snippet from my own life.  My youngest granddaughter turned one yesterday. She's really growing fast, and we all adore her. 
Not quite walking--won't be long!

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