Saturday, January 12, 2019

Collection of Valentine's Day materials, some free

I think North Carolina has dodged a snow bullet (I like snow, though), and it's just going to be a cold rain tonight.  Since it's so hard to go anywhere, I thought I would compile all my Valentine's Day materials---free and TPT--into one post.  Maybe I'll add a new free thing tomorrow!  We'll see!

As usual, if you are a CF, or are adversely affected by the government impasse, let me know if you want an item from TPT.   email

Hearts Everywhere---free printable

Friendship Hearts---free printable recipe booklet

Love Bug (Smartboard and link to low tech activity) free
--to be honest, since I don't have access to Smartboards now (I'm retired), I don't know if the Smartboard program still works. The link in the page to the low tech activity does work still, though)

TPT -- 

Valentine Activity Pack- Book, Bingo, and recipe with communication board

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