Friday, March 6, 2015

"Hatching from Eggs" --free printable to enrich your Egg Dying Experience

I was led to an awesome website by my colleague, Ashley.  It's called Dynamic Learning Maps and one of the pages is entitled "Exemplar Text Supports". 

Here's the webpage introductory sentences:
     "One of the challenges in providing students with the most significant disabilities with access to the general curriculum is finding materials that link directly to the grade level content, but are written at a level that is accessible. As part of the DLM™ project we have been building a library of companion texts that go with the exemplar texts called out in the Appendix of the Common Core State Standards."

If that sounds dry, the actual site is not.  Let's say you have a kid that needs companion texts to go with common children's literature such as 'Are you My Mother?'.  This site has lists of books pulled from Tarheel Reader that are companion texts in simple language to various  books at the designated grade level.  I've focused on the younger grades due to my caseload, but if you have high school students, there is a library of companion texts there waiting for you!

Since Easter is coming up, I thought it would be cool to share one of these companion texts with you with the simple adaptions I made.  The simple title on Tarheel Reader was 'Eggs', so I downloaded it, added icons and a sentence strip, and also added a link that connects to YouTube videos of eggs hatching.  I also changed a few of the pictures and added some additional animals that hatch.  I think that if you are dying eggs with your students, you can easily take a little time using this book to talk about eggs from a more scientific aspect.   Download link is at the bottom of this page.

 My kids will love this book, especially the dinosaur picture.  They'll learn a bit too!  As a teacher or SLP, you may need to look up other animals that hatch from eggs (alligators, ostrich, shark, fish.......)   The link with the egg hatching videos will be awesome on a Smartboard if you have access to one, or on a laptop screen.

Have fun with this!  Click here to download the book.




  1. The site you mention sounds MARVElous but you have to have a membership! Hope you'll share more your adapted books are amazing!

    1. Things change with websites, and I have updated the link. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful resources.

  3. Thank you Ruth for these beautiful and curriculum based materials. Your work shows how much time and effort you have devoted to helping young children. I am most grateful for your generosity. Jerrie Blacklin