Monday, March 16, 2015

"Who is Driving?" Free visuals to go with a fun book

This post is for all of my friends who are special educators or speech pathologists.  This book is perfect for your caseloads. 

Purchase it here. The hardback version may be out of print, but there seem to be lots available used on Amazon.  I got my copy at the public library. The board book is available, but I prefer to use a regular book with elementary aged children.

From Amazon: First published in Belgium, this picture book challenges children to guess which animal will drive a certain vehicle. "Who is driving . . . / . . . the fire engine?" asks the text on the first double-page spread, illustrated with four oddly dressed characters striding purposefully across the page: a chicken in a jumper, a red-capped goat lugging a suitcase, an elephant equipped as a firefighter, or a bear wearing his cap backward. Other questions (and other animals) dot the remaining pages. The answers are not always obvious, though observant children can pick up visual clues. 

I learned about this book from a Pinterest site:  This book is perfect for teaching the vocabulary associated with a 'wacky guess' and a 'smart guess'. (Social Thinking curriculum) Children have to be very observant as to what the characters are wearing to determine who will be driving the vehicle. Have the students use the language "I think the ___ is the driver because _______".  

For those children who are more linguistically challenged, I made a set of visuals and a sentence strip to go with the book.  Visuals are from Smarty Symbols (Commercial License).

Have fun!  There is a lot of vocabulary associated with jobs, vehicles, and clothing.  Kids have to make predictions!  They will love the vehicle noises they can make.

 If you have small children of your own at home, raid their toy shelves and bring in different toy trucks, cars, and planes.  

Download the visuals here.  

Thank you everyone who reads and follows my blog.

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