Thursday, October 6, 2011


Ben and Aleah (and Leo)
Anyone who knows me also knows that I'm not exactly a fashion statement.  Three out of my four kids aren't either, and my husband's closet is full of clothes that are either 30 years old, or bought at the local church yard sale.
Our usual shopping place---the PTA Thrift Shop
  My son, Ben, however, is getting married.  This is great, wonderful news and a joyous event; but the family has to look presentable.  I'm sure Ben's fiance does not want the Beverly Hillbillies, or the Waltons showing up on the magical day, and posing for pictures!

  To avert a wedding picture catastrophe, I've taken the twins shopping in August, I personally went shopping last week at Talbots, and David? He feels that his 20 year old suit is just fine, and maybe it is. It's a generic dark suit.  He hasn't changed sizes which is remarkable.

  Zach was the final challenge.    Tonight, I drove to Greensboro to take him shopping. He's in the wedding, but needed a suit.  We first tried JC Penny, then meandered over to Belks.  There, a very nice lady, Geneva Dimery, took us under her wing, and fitted Zach very nicely in a great suit, and spent quite a bit of time measuring him and fitting him for a white dress shirt.  While she was doing this, I discovered that she had 6 kids of her own, 8 grandchildren and even some great grandchildren.  She spoke of her kids calling her daily, and how nice their spouses were. She thanked us for filling out the form for the Belk's charge card--Belks apparently requires a certain amount of new subscriptions per salesperson.  Zach was extremely appreciative of her help, and her complements about how good he looked in the suit.  For someone who loathes shopping, I actually had a great time!  

The bottom line:  Zach (and everyone else) is going to look great!    Pictures of him and the rest of the family will be posted here---October 22, the wedding date!  Very exciting!  We'll have a new daughter-in-law!

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  1. Oh, wow! I'm glad it went so well! Did you find a dress yet? You're all going to look great. :)