Saturday, February 4, 2012

Small Talk----Way beyond "I want cookie"!

Happy Saturday night everyone!   I'm actually alone for most of the weekend.  David (husband) went to Brevard to visit his parents, and the kids are living elsewhere doing what they need to do.  Andorra came home for a few days for her interview for the Peace Corps!   I'm so excited about that---wish it were me signing up!  Anyway, she left today to go back to UNC Asheville, so I'm busy cleaning the house and looking for pins (Pinterest).

While I was internet surfing, I came across this wonderful video here.  The website where I found this explains:
"Video shows 4 year old triplets interacting with each other during mealtime using an AAC device. Without knowing it, two of the siblings are modeling AAC use and communication skills for their brother."

I watched this, and burst out laughing.  Every kid deserves a chance to be silly, and the siblings definitely showed the brother how to use words to make people laugh.  This is what true AAC should be all about---beyond "I want cookie".  Kids need to use language to request, comment, get attention, and be funny.  

Potty talk, as shown here, is part of child humor when you are four.  Those of you who have kids know what I'm talking about. 

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