Thursday, February 16, 2012

Editing YouTube videos

I was at the North Carolina Augmentative Communication Association Conference today in Durham.  For those of you who don't know what this is, AAC provides people who have difficulty speaking ways to communicate from sophisticated communication devices, to lower tech simple communication boards and pictures.  I love technology and communication, so I always look forward to this.

Today's keynote speaker was a tad dry and the information was very basic which made for a long morning!  I then went to a short, more informative and practical session, during which that terrific speaker (Anna W. Smith, SLP from Charlotte) demonstrated how to convert, download, and edit YouTube videos.  There are YouTube videos for everything! I use them all the time, but sometimes, they are too long, and if you want to insert key parts of one into a Powerpoint or Smartboard lesson, it's hard, unless you edit. Now I know how! You can also get creative, and add symbols and sound effects to the videos during your editing process.  Check it out below!

Below is a short video tutorial on how to convert, and then import YouTube videos into iMovie.  (I have a mac).  Similar methods apply for a PC. 
       As an example of a use for an edited video, I recently uploaded a "Counting Horses" book which showed pictures of horses doing several actions in still shots.  If I also wanted to create a SmartBoard lesson with videos of horse actions, but didn't want the full length videos of the YouTube clips, I would go to  The following YouTube video explains how to convert and download videos---and after that you can edit in a movie making application such as iMovie.

 To try this out, I took the  horse video below, converted it to a .mov file (for iMovie), shortened it, added a sound effect and boardmaker icons, and then shared it at the end.  If I decided to use it in a Smartboard lesson on horse actions, I'll be all set!  There are many horse action videos all over YouTube just ready for me to edit!

                                                      Original video from YouTube before editing

                                                 My edited version, ready for SmartBoard or Powerpoint

There are millions of possibilities here!   I have always enjoyed videography and movie editing, so this will be fun!  Let me know if you need video editing tutorials too!