Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Counting Horses + Verbs---latest in the series!

Here is the latest in my animal + verb series.  Now that Valentine's Day is over, I'm trying to get away from holiday themes, and focus on sentence structure and vocabulary a bit.  My first two books in this series were:   What can Cats Do?   and What can Dogs do?  Free download links for those books are in the respective blog postings along with photos.

This book is about horses and verbs, along with a bit of counting.  I found the basic book here at Tarheel Reader. Tarheel Reader is very nice in that you can download the books as a powerpoint and then change them as you see fit.  In this case, I added 'is/are' to the sentences, and changed a little of the vocabulary.  The last two pages of this book also have all of the icons you need.  You will notice that 'running' and 'galloping' have the same icon---a perfect moment to teach synonyms!!!!  (Or at least introduce synonyms---I doubt that a child will learn that from one picture.)
    The link to download this book is here.  

Go Here for a Smartboard lesson about Horses and Verbs

Have fun with it!   Maybe you can find some 'My Little Pony' toys at a yard sale this spring.  Kids would love it.

Go HERE for a fun footprint horse craft!

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