Saturday, April 28, 2012

What can Chimps Do? latest in the 'verb' series!

Title Page  Flickr
 My co-worker come into the office the other day telling me how much her preschoolers benefited from the book--What can Dogs Do?.  (I've also adapted What can Cats Do, and a Counting Horses book along the same verbs theme.)  My colleague and I discussed what other animals can demonstrate verbs, and we came up with monkeys or chimps.  Tarheel Reader didn't have a ready-made chimps and verbs book, but they have a very easy user interface for anyone to make a new book, so I did!  It's easy to search for photos to match what you want on their site, so here it is on Tarheel Reader. 
    I'm sure I'll be making more soon!

I also uploaded this book to Google docs, and added a page of icons (pictured on the left).  You can laminate the book and icons, and use velcro so the child can attach/unattach/move around/make choices.

Click here to download the book and icons.


  1. Thank you for this and all of the other wonderful books. My students love them!

  2. By the way, a smiling chimp is scared, not happy. The smile in this book is called a "fear grimace" by primatologists.