Friday, November 1, 2013

Mary Wore Her Red Dress printables

School should be cancelled on the day after Halloween.  Stress and exhaustion reigned today at my school.  TGIF!

Our fab OT and I attempted to introduce a new book with the little friends in the EC class (Mary Wore Her Red Dress). I didn't have my own printables, and instead downloaded some from Boardmaker Share, which I normally love, but this time, they didn't suit the group's needs, and the book reading wasn't quite right.

So, I made my own printable icons to try next week! If at first you don't succeed, try again; change it to make it work!  I've paired the color word with a black/white icon for the object. I will leave pairs attached when cutting them out.  Look for the link below to download these.  This really is a great book complete with cute illustrations, a catchy repetitive nature, and a familiar theme for the kids!

What was really fun was letting the kids try on some clothes afterwards. The clothing also didn't quite match the book, but it didn't matter.  We had one kid who was a bit tactilely defensive--so he just watched, and another kid who super enthused about the pink pants.

 I plan on doing this lesson again, individually with some of the kids.  In the past, I've taken pictures and made a class book.  We'll see if that happens this year!

Click here to download the icons in boardmaker

Click here to download the icons in pdf

Pink pants!

Happy November everyone!!!!


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