Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween fun! Make a lollipop ghost! Printable directions

Halloween fun continues!  Last year, I posted about an adorable, easy lollipop ghost activity.  The kids loved it!   This year, I'm reposting because.......last year, I didn't know about Google docs and sharing, while this year, I do! I'm always learning new technology skills, as I hope you are too!

I'm reposting here from before and adding a step-by-step set of directions, complete with pictures.
The picture below demonstrates the power of Pictello, a fantastic iPad app---the iPad is front and center.  Pictello provides pictured step-by-step directions with text-to-speech voice.  It's wonderful!
The directions provided below were exported directly from Pictello.

Click here for the step by step ghost directions in pdf.


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