Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Turkey Day! Turkeys Everywhere!

I need to start thinking ahead to Thursday---the day AFTER Halloween, when I put my Halloween books and materials in mothballs, and start a new topic.  Since I'm a creature of habit, Thanksgiving will be the logical theme, with turkeys being the central topic.  Schools don't seem to talk about the Pilgrims much anymore, and most of my kids wouldn't quite grasp their significance anyway.  For the next few weeks, look for turkey books, turkey puppets, and turkey crafts.

To continue to enhance early literacy activities, I've created a book, very similar to ones I've made before.  This one is entitled "Turkeys Everywhere".  If that sounds familiar, I've created many others--Leaves Everywhere, Bunnies Everywhere, Shamrocks Everywhere, and Ants Everywhere.

  • Point 2:  Sometimes Joint Action Routines help a child to expand his language skills by keeping a similar activity pattern but varying the language.  I consider my similar, yet slightly different books, as a Joint Action Routine.
So, here are screenshots of the book.  Downloading links are below.  The book has a repetitive nature to it, and simple vocabulary.  If you really wanted to get creative, you could create this (if you have Boardmaker) without the turkeys already imbedded.  Print the turkeys separate, and have the child add them in manually.

This is the entire book to the right, along with a sentence strip and icons to fill in the sentence.  It's totally similar to the other ones I've made. 

  My kids like simple and clear---this fits our needs!

Click here to download the book in Boardmaker
(you can make edits if you own the disk!)

Click here to download the book in .pdf
(you're stuck with what I made)